Vintage Bridal Updo Hairstyles

There’s nothing more stylish and undeniably glamourous than vintage bridalwear updo hairstyles. I’m not one to pick favorites when it comes to bridal fashion, but vintage updo hairstyles are more fabulous than I can say in one post. Nothing says class and style like a well pinned updo hairstyle. I’m particularly fond of updo hairstyles that incorporate locked and braided hair as well. We can thank movie productions like The Great Gatsby and Lala Land for the popularity of throwback and vintage bridal hairstyles.

Some vintage updo hairstyles include elaborate ornamentation like beads, pearls and gold or silver clasps.


Which do you prefer? Some people think that vintage updo hairstyles can come off as corny, but that’s only if they’re not done right. You of course don’t want your interpretation to look dated, so don’t be afraid to add your own creative spin on things. Hair is one of the many elements that go into bridal fashion, so be sure that all of your ideas flow together cohesively.

Locked or Braided Updo’s

One of the reasons I love locked updo’s is because of the elaborate designs that people come up with. The sky is literally the limit with this kind of hair style.

Bridal Updo Andra Day

A Crown of Curls

For those of you (like myself) that like your natural curls, you can always op for a curly updo style.

Bridal Updo hairstyle
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Straight Hair

My only suggestion with this kind of style is that you have no fly-aways. Make sure that your hair is slicked back, sprayed down, and pinned appropriately. Also, don’t shy away from hair ornamentation. They add a fun element of style as well as additional details that will further compliment your look.

Short Hair/Finger-waves

Interestingly enough, finger waves are an aesthetic staple of the 1920’s era. True, this particular style isn’t an updo, however it fits perfectly within the vintage theme. Don’t sleep on finger waves. My only suggestion with finger waves is that you make sure you book a hairstylist that can do them.


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