Thank you for your interest in submitting your bride’s wedding to Kontrol Brides!

Submissions for both styled shoots and luxurious real weddings are encouraged from all over the world. Use the following link to submit, & allow 10 working business days for evaluation. Please confirm that you have the required authorization before submitting on behalf of the couple, photographer, or team.

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Please note, from the hundreds of submissions we receive – we will select approximately 20-30 weddings for the 2023 spring/summer issue.


(A credit will be applied to your final price if selected for publication)



Real Wedding Features:

INCLUDED: A story on the proposal, planning, the big day, and the honeymoon is included in every Real Wedding feature. Additionally, a blog article on the wedding will be published with social media announcements on &

 $1500 / 400-word count (18-25 images – depending on layout)

$950 / 400-word count (14-18 images – depending on layout)

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Just Married Features:

 $950 / 350-word count (8-16 images – depending on layout)

$650 / 200-word count (6-12 images – depending on layout)

 $350 / 200-word count (1-6 images – depending on layout)

Each of the aforementioned magazine selections also includes a free in-print and digital PDF copy of the relevant magazine edition, which can be obtained using a coupon code after paying the publishing charge.

*All submissions are subject to approval; you will be notified by April 30 for the spring/summer issue and September 30 for the fall/winter edition whether your work has been chosen.

For special pricing for photographers and event planners, please get in touch.

There are a total of four print purchasing restrictions per issue.



Real Wedding:  $200 / 400-word count includes a story on the Proposal / Planning / Big Day / Honeymoon (14-20 images / Video**)

**Video is a link that can be used to embed a video that is available on YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting service.

Luxury stylish wedding dresses

Online digital features for Real Weddings and Just Married both include free social media promotion.

Within three days of submission, you will receive notification of whether or not your contribution was accepted.

Note that while Kontrol Brides will feature a list of all wedding vendors at the conclusion of each wedding (whether it be one vendor or a group of vendors sharing the cost), only those vendors that purchase a Real Wedding or Just Married will be linked with a “follow” link. A “no follow” link will be used for all other links.


Although the majority of our wedding-related features and material are based in the south and have a southern flavor, we accept submissions from all over the world since we believe the Kontrol Brides’ experience transcends geographic boundaries. 


Additionally, we pledge to include a range of sexual orientations, races, and cultures in our entries. In order to stay consistent with our vision and uphold our steadfast belief that “there is a Fashionista Bride in every lady,” we will consider representation as we get each submission and limit our selection in a particular region to 3–4 weddings per city.


This offer DOES NOT USE PAY-TO-PLAY. The nuptials will continue to be selected via Kontrol Brides Editors. (25% of the weddings entered are selected). Also because the wedding was submitted, you are not automatically published. Every wedding submission is subjected to final approval by Kontrol Brides.