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The Haute List is our Exclusive Guide to our Top-Tier Wedding Vendors. Here you can connect to the most spectacular wedding inspiration, wedding planners, dress designers, banquet venues and much more.

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THE HAUTE LIST: Our Preferred Vendor List

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Dauxilly By Dominique Galbraith

Designed By Faith: Meet Wedding Dress Designer Dominique Galbraith

I’ve known many great designers in my time and have analyzed the creative processes with care in order to better understand garment construction. Though I don’t design clothes, being a style editor I say it’s important to understand the creative process. I make it my business to pick the brains of every fashion creative I

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Matthew Christopher Designs
Gown Designer

The Formula for Style: A Chat with Matthew Christopher

The word iconic is used so arbitrarily that it’s understandable if the term loses its value over time. But to truly appreciate icons, you have to know what it takes to make them. Whatever area or niche they occupy, the formula for icons is the same. A formula that no matter how it’s calculated or

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