The Formula for Style: A Chat with Matthew Christopher

The word iconic is used so arbitrarily that it’s understandable if the term loses its value over time. But to truly appreciate icons, you have to know what it takes to make them. Whatever area or niche they occupy, the formula for icons is the same. A formula that no matter how it’s calculated or gauged always equals one thing–timelessness.

I had the opportunity to meet with celebrated fashion designer Matthew Christopher and chat about his design process, and the exciting news that he’s joined the Van Der Velde design team.


The covid-19 pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on the fashion industry. While the outcome for some brands is still uncertain, the Van Der Velde brand is thriving and has worked to remedy the situation. “We’re currently offering virtual shopping through our virtual showroom. Bride’s can come and view gowns and different fits. We’re working overtime to create a great experience for them. Gowns are also being tracked extremely closely and our retailers, even while having to close doors for a bit, are still doing all they can behind the scenes to help brides realize their dress dreams. Our virtual showroom has been fabulous, and we’ll continue giving our brides exciting experiences like that even when stores are fully back in action. We think this will really modernize the industry.”

The current collection features figure flattering silhouettes, sheer textiles, and breathtaking stoning with a modern design aesthetic. “It’s all about listening. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback at market or different trunk shows, and the bride is always an inspiration.” Matthew told me. “They wanted fresh, natural elegance, and a kind of modern Cinderella moment. And of course, there’s the signature brand fit that’s always in demand. The in-house design process is wonderfully collaborative. We have discussions, which includes what we would like the collection to look and feel like while taking into account what our brides and retailers would love to see. We pull a great deal of inspiration from the brides we meet across the US and abroad. We have an extremely talented workroom of designers. This is where the designs come to life.         

Matthew Christopher Ball gown
Van Der Velde Ball Gown

Renowned for his universal draping techniques, Matthew Christopher has grown into and now joined a brand that is built on diversity, a brand that challenges the less inclusive standards in a historically restrictive industry.

“Bridal has always been a little bit different when it comes to the sizing chart. At Van Der Velde we want you to throw the number you think you are out the window. You’re a unique size. That’s why we measure to fit. And we’re very proud to say that our fit is a stand-out in the industry. You’ll feel incredible in these gowns, and they’re made to fit you and just you. Fit is the #1 thing that we’re known for. It’s really important that the bride feels comfortable. The fit is so incredible that people are honestly able to wear styles that they otherwise might not be able to. It’s never what you think it will be, and that’s a good thing. Finding the right dress is about finding the style sweet-spot.”

DIETRICH BACK By Matthew Christopher 

With a timeless aesthetic, attention to detail and curve hugging silhouettes, Matthew Christopher one of our brightest creative minds. You can shop the brand and find out more about Matthew Christopher and the Van Der Velde design team at

By Akeem J.

Style & Beauty Editor



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