The Best Celebrity Style invitations of 2022

celebrity invitations of 2022

Many celebrities tied the knot in 2022, which left people wondering what their wedding invitations looked like. Celebrities are known for keeping things private because they don’t want their private information leaked. That is why you have never seen a celebrity showing or posting their wedding invitation cards online.

Wedding stationery is something that needs proper attention and time. You need to figure out what you want and how to incorporate it into your cards, but there is always some inspiration behind these things. You can get that from the internet or your life and the things around you. Wedding invitation cards of celebrities are rarely shared online, but you can always take inspiration from their wedding venues and imagine how their wedding cards were as wedding cards are a glimpse towards the theme of the wedding.

celebrity invitations

Celebrity wedding invitations:

Some beautiful celerity invites have been shared online in 2022 that you can take inspiration from and make your cards look beautiful. While there aren’t many pictures available on the internet, you are always free to guess and search what the wedding invites looked like.

  • JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers:

One of the couples who shared their wedding invites with the public is JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. The couple from The Bachelor franchise had been waiting to have the perfect wedding, and while that took a lot of time, they shared their wedding invites with the world. They designed their wedding invites exclusively, and they looked like a dream. They gave their wedding invitation card a charming and rustic look by adding mountains and trees to the top, giving hues of gold that added to the card’s elegance. It was a scene from a vineyard as they were going to get married in a Vineyard in Southern California.

  • Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome:

Every twilight fan must have had their eyes out for this one as their childhood dreams were getting crushed on this specific day. Taylor Lautner tied the knot with Taylor Dome back in November, which meant they sent out wedding invitations to their close family and friends. Although there is no picture of the wedding card on the internet, pictures of the wedding show many minimalistic details, and the wedding theme revolved around white and rustic charms in the middle of a vineyard. Guessing from the venue and the wedding decor, the cards might have glimpses of that old rustic charm with text written in gold on a white paper card.

  • Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland:

They have been engaged for a couple of years and have planned their wedding in 2020. The couple tied the knot this year surrounded by their loved ones, and while the event was all about fun, family, and friend, it left everyone wondering what the wedding invite looked like. This brought us back to when they released their pre-wedding shoot pictures, which might have been used on the save-the-date cards and the wedding invitation cards. What better way to keep your guests hooked than a cute picture of yourself with your significant other?

Best celebrity invitations of 2022

Taking inspiration from celebrity wedding invites is a good idea as they always follow the latest trends and might add elegance to your wedding preparations.


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