Ten top engagement gifts

top engagement gifts

When it comes to getting engaged, it can be the most extraordinary, incredible, and yet terrifying time in anybody’s life. When you finally pluck up the courage to tie the knot, you are finally saying, “Yes! I will settle for this person because my genuine expectations are unrealistic.”


If there is one thing about engagements that isn’t scary, though, it’s all the free stuff you’re going to get. The first step you need to take towards your first lot of free stuff is starting to arrange an engagement party.


In this post, we are going to look at some of the best engagement gifts out there, and what you may expect from your friends and relatives, what’s more, this post will also help you gauge how much they’ve spent, and whether it’s worth inviting them to the wedding!


Do You Give A Gift When Somebody Gets Engaged?


Well, put simply yes. Giving a gift when somebody gets engaged is an excellent way of saying “You’re very brave” or just your way of showing that you think that the couple is well suited and that the engagement is a great idea.


On the other hand, if you’re secretly in love with the bride or groom, you probably shouldn’t go, even if you are invited, those situations never turn out well.


What Is The Etiquette For Engagement Parties?

Happy african woman showing her engagement ring at camera

Standard etiquette for engagement parties is that they are to be arranged by the bride’s parents. So grooms, unfortunately for you, you will possibly find out the exact reasoning why a mother-in-law is a direct anagram of ‘woman Hitler.’


While this is common etiquette, it doesn’t mean it has to be standard practice; in fact, a lot of the time, engagement parties are hosted by the friends of both the bride and groom.


What Activities Do You Do At An Engagement Party?


While engagement parties used to be imagined as a rather formal affair, nowadays, they are just a celebration, and you can generally find everything from games of bridal Jeopardy to sending the guests on a ring hunt.


Seven Engagement Gifts For The Bride & Groom


Star Art


Nowadays, there seems to be a lack of imagination put into choosing gifts, which is something that’s almost unbelievable when we see how much we have at our disposal.


The first thing to make our top ten is this fantastic piece of art that is so much more than it appears to be on the surface. While it may only look like a picture of some stars. In fact, it can be customized to show the positioning of every star and constellation on the day the engagement took place. When it comes to personalized gifts for both him and her, this could be a remarkable choice.


Personalized Tree Heart Cheese Board


When it comes to choosing personalized gifts for couples that have everything, a personalized tree heart cheese board  is something quite out there, and couple be the perfect choice.


The board itself has an incredible rustic look and feel to it, and if either the bride or groom is a cheese lover, this could be ideal. If on the other hand, you buy the gift and they don’t like cheese, tell them it’s a symbolic ping pong bat to represent the back and forths of marriage.


Custom Doormat


While this may seem like a rather ridiculous choice for an engagement gift, they are quite enchanting and can be an incredible addition to the newly engaged couples home. The doormats themselves are of excellent quality, and the personalization level is also of a good standard.


One important thing to note when buying this gift is that you need a level of confidence that they will actually go through with the wedding. After all, if they break up, the last thing that any newly separated person wants is to have to buy a new doormat.


Engagement Photoshoot


Photo shoot bride and groom in a beautiful wheat field surrounded by mountains

One of the most popular gifts for her of the last few years is a gift card with a difference. While gift cards are often thought to be the biggest cop-out when it comes to gifts, a Flytographer gift card is a gift with a difference.


If you haven’t heard of Flytographer, they simply offer a gift card that gives you access to some of the best celebration photographers available around the world. As far as gifts go, having access to a 30-minute photography session to celebrate your engagement could be an incredible gift.


A Bar Kit


If the bride and groom are both fans of a little drink every now and then, maybe a bar kit could be an incredible choice for a gift to suit both of them.


It is also important to remember that even for those couples that don’t drink, marriage can be very stressful from time to time, so your gift could really come in handy at the toughest times.


This little bar kit comes with everything you need to create your own cocktails, except the alcohol, of course, and it even looks pretty good.


New Dinnerware

empty and clean dinnerware arranged beautifully on the shelf

It’s pretty safe to say that no engagement party would be complete without a generic gift or two. At the very top of that generic list is, of course, dinnerware.


If you are going to be that person who buys the bride and groom dinnerware, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t do it with some style. Jono Pandolfi offers some incredible dinnerware options that will look amazing in any home. If, however, you are attending a Greek wedding, maybe consider a box of chocolates, this dinnerware can be expensive.


The Cloud Comforter


The final item on today’s list is one of the best, the cloud comforter by Buffy is often described to be like cuddling up to a big tub of whipped cream, so what would be a better gift for a newly engaged couple.


Once the couple is living together, they get to experience the joy of one person having access to bedding while the other lies cold. With the Cloud comforter, the person hogging gets comfort, and the person without it can simply shuffle up to it and appreciate it’s fluffy creaminess.


If you are feeling quite generous, you could get them one each; if there is one thing that can keep a marriage happy, it’s two comforters.



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