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Thank you for choosing Kontrol Brides to feature your work (or your wedding)! Submissions are open year-round for our magazines and our site.
Your submission will be considered for a potential feature in print, web, social media and or our site.

Your Real Wedding Submissions should be distinctive, chic, fresh, and dripping in unmatched details. We cant express enough how important those details are, so indulge us. Besides the details, we must have a fabulous story. From the moment you wake up to the last hypnotizing dance and everything in between, pour it on. Let us live the moment through your amazing story telling

Kontrol Brides
Allow us to join the ranks of your talented wedding vendors and to do what we do best: painting a picture of your wedding experience that’s as vivid as your wedding and the photos you submit, curating a lasting memory and keepsake you will cherish and share forever.
Please note, from the hundreds of submissions we receive – we will select approximately 25-30 weddings for the 2021
Special Introductory pricing is as follows:
NON-REFUNDABLE SUBMISSION FEE: $45 (A credit will be applied to your final price, if selected for publication)
PHOTOGRAPHERS/EVENT PLANNERS: Please contact us for special pricing.

Real Wedding Features:

*All submissions are subject to approval and if selected, you will be notified by Kontrol Brides.

Kontrol Brides Pint Options
Real Wedding Features:
All Real Wedding features include a story on the Proposal / Planning / The Big Day / Honeymoon. The wedding will also appear as a complementary blog post with social media announcements

Cost $1000


  • 6 Pages
  • 800 word count
  • A story on the Proposal / Planning / Big Day / Honeymoon
  • 18-25 Images – (depending on layout)

Cost $850


  • 3 Pages
  • 600 word count
  • A story on the Proposal / Planning / Big Day / Honeymoon
  • 14-18 Images – (depending on layout)
KontrolBrides.com Options
Real Wedding Features:

Both Real Weddings and We’re Married Now digital features include complimentary social media features.

Cost $400


  • 600 word count 
  • A story on the Proposal / Planning / Big Day / Honeymoon
  • (14-20 images)

Cost $250


  • 400 word count 
  • A brief description of the proposal and the big day 

  • 8-10 images (depending on layout)

Cost $200


  • Video Footage
  • A video of your choice can be linked to your story. 

All submissions are subject to approval and will be notified within 4-5 days of submission.

We're Married Now!
Real Wedding Features:
All We’re Married features include a brief description of the Proposal and the Big Day

Cost $750


  • 2 Pages
  • 300 word count 
  • 6-12 Images (depending on layout)

Cost $550


  • 1 Page
  • 300 word count 
  • 1-6 Images (depending on layout) 

We will take representation into account as we receive each submission and limit our selection in a specific region to 3-4 weddings per city in order to remain coherent with our vision


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***This is NOT a PAY TO PLAY promotion. Kontrol Brides will continue to select the weddings (30-40% percent of the weddings submitted are selected). You are not automatically published because the wedding was submitted. Kontrol Brides reserves the right to final approval of all wedding submissions.


By submitting these forms, we assume you have received proper releases from any individuals and locations features in the photos. We also assume you are only submitting photos your clients have approved for publication. Photos you submit may be featured in the print version of the magazine, on our web site or both and all vendors will be credited. We reserve the right to determine which images are published in print and online.

By submitting photography or artwork, Julian Rashard Group, LLC is guaranteed that:
a) The use of art in connection with the magazine title will not infringe or violate the rights of any other person or entity, including without limitation, any copyright, trademark or service markright, or violate any applicable law. 
b) The supplier of the art/photography hereby agrees he/she will obtained adequate and proper releases, permissions, licenses or other authorizations from all persons and entities who or which provide services, materials or rights with respect to the work at the time of submission of final artwork who would claim any interest or right, direct or indirect. Public figures or celebrities are exempt from signing a release.


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