Oscar de la Renta consistently remains among the design houses that effortlessly straddles the line between contemporary visual excellence and opulent refinery of a different and distant age. The Oscar de la Renta Spring 2022 Bridal collection displays a kind of vintage element that’s difficult to put my finger on; a trait of great design–being undefinable and subsequently difficult to duplicate. However difficult, I’ll try not to spend the next few paragraphs praising the Oscar de la Renta brand by pointing out the obvious.

The Oscar de la Renta 2022 bridal collection is for the cool girls that proudly and perhaps almost defiantly march to the stylish beat of their own drums.

Oscar de la Renta Bridal Spring 2022

These gowns are for the kind of brides that aren’t afraid to be seen, make a little noise or more importantly, make a statement. Pressed lace floral cut-out patterns over demure semi-nude textiles create exhilarating and sophisticated looks, with an edge of practicality. The 2022 spring bridal collection is one that comfortably rests between eclectic elegance and stylish singularity that makes one infallible point that continues season after season—no one can do what Oscar de la Renta does.


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