The Gentleman’s Guide To Looking Great for a Summer Wedding

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire.”

-Jeremy Taylor

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Love is a very interesting thing. It’s on. It’s off. It’s blissful. It’s a mess. This post nothing to do with love though. This post has everything to do with you looking great in the presence of love! It’s summertime and wedding season is about to peak! If you’re anything like me and at the age of 26, everyone and their mamma is getting married around you. We at Kontrol, want to make sure that you look debonair when you hear the lovely couple say “I Do!” So we made a nifty guide for you to follow anytime you attending a wedding this summer and any summer from now on.

Here is your Gentleman’s Guide To Looking Great for a summer wedding.

Rule #1

Never Dress Better than the Groom.

Plain and simple. Don’t try to out do the Groom when it comes to your attire. Try simple and minimalist fashion at summer weddings. You won’t draw attention away from the groom and you’ll probably be 10x cooler. Literally!

Rule #2

Work Your Neutrals

Neutrals colors are best for weddings! You’ll practically be one with the scene by wearing neutral colored suits. Try beiges, tans and even olives. They all look pretty amazing at simply dazzling events like a wedding.

summer wedding attire for men kontrol bride

Rule #3

No Three Piece Suits

It’s the summertime and if you’re attending a wedding that’s outdoors; you will surely overheat in a three piece suit. Keep it lite with an unstructured suit. Less is more in this situation

Rule #4

Wear the RIGHT Fabrics.

Cotton, Linen or a mix between the two are going to be your best bet here! Cotton and linen are some of the most breathable fabrics and well definitely keep you from retaining heat at summer weddings. Also it’s a softer look, made to be seen a wedding.

Rule #5

Choose your accessories, wisely.

Being gaudy is not the way to go. Simple jewelry and accessories will be just enough for you to look marvelous at a summer wedding. A couple of bead bracelets and or a simple link bracelet and that should be enough. If you want to be fancy with the timepiece though, go all out! That’s the one thing you can be flashy with. Just try not to blind anyone with you bling, bling.

Also, pocket squares are a must. They don’t have to match your tie, but they should coordinate with your look. Keep this on the low but if you don’t wear a tie. You honestly don’t have to. It’s going to be hot anyways and i’m sure the bride and groom will understand.

Rule #6

Loafers and Oxfords

Kick it at the summer wedding with a nice pair of loafers. They’re simple shoes you can slip in and go. They’re also comfortable as hell and you can be sock-less if you want to with no shame. The alternative is oxfords. Whether they are brogued or stitched with a captoe, they’ll do just fine at a summer wedding.

summer wedding attire for men kontrol bride
leather loafers

Rule #7


The best thing to add to your style for a summer wedding is your attitude! Make sure you have a positive mind set and a brilliant smile to match! Don’t be afraid of meeting new people or being the life of the party. You’ll look your best inside and out.

As Always, Stay Fly Gentlemen




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