Elie Saab Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 Runway

Elie Saab haute couture autumn/winter 2022-2023 collection is without a doubt my favorite show of the season and among my favorite collections overall. To be 100 with you, writer’s block is real and sometimes the inspiration isn’t there no matter how bad you may even want or need to write. The Elie Saab autumn/winter 2022-2023 collection breathed new life into me. I see dozens of runway shows a year, yet only a handful of brands over the years have given me everything that I look for in a runway collection. For better or for worse, Elie Saab consistently hits that mark season after season.

Elie Saab does an excellent job at creating a collection around a lifestyle, oppose to single elements of luxury alone.

I saw strong elements of loungewear chicly combined with upscale formalwear. It’s difficult to say what part of the Elie Saab autumn/winter 2022 collection is your favorite. The runway followed a minimalist theme illuminated by gleaming beams of sunlight and separated by towering ivory dividers. The Elie Saab autumn/winter 2022 collection featured strong looks for both women and men. Looks ranged from figure-hugging beaded evening gowns to opulent robes that move effortlessly from luxury loungewear to opulent night in the emperor’s smoking lounge. Noted looks ranged from feathered cloaks for men and hauntingly opulent beaded and feathered gowns for women.

Some collections have only a handful of star-pieces. Not Elie Saab. Elie Saab created a series of pieces that fit into a greater theme but also stood out individually. This collection gave the kinds of looks that are normally seen in cinematic high-fantasy or sci-fi flicks. There are countless designers and brands that release collections each season. However, I seriously doubt any other fashion house could have created a collection of this kind of grandeur so well done for both men’s and women’s wear equally. For better for or for worse, Elie Saab sets the standard for haute couture in today’s world of fashion.

Elie Saab Haute Couture 2022-2023


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