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Elie Saab Spring/Summer Bridal Fashion 2022

Elie Saab Bridal Spring/Summer 2022

There have only been a handful of times that I can say that I’ve been rendered speechless and Elie Saab is usually the reason. The Elie Saab spring/summer 2022 collection is one of that smoothly moves from extreme to extreme. This collection embodied elements of extreme beauty, extreme elegance, and a time-stopping almost bewitching display of architectural excellence. The kinds of bridal gowns displayed in the 2022 Elie Saab SS collection called to mind the time-stopping wedding ceremonies of far off foreign sovereignty of a different age.

The Elie Saab spring/summer bridal collection was vibrant and whimsical.


If there’s one thing Elie Saab does well, its consistently producing collections that meet a specific standard of aesthetic excellence. These bridal gowns subsequently set trends from everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. Intricate beading, jeweled bodices, sweeping trains created a look of immaculate architecture. The Elie Saab SS 2022 collection was displayed in a video that can only be summed up as 5 minutes of aesthetic elegance.

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