Yes! Donell Jones Is Back with Official Video for “Forever!”

Looks like R&B music is really making a comeback this year and one of my favorite artist is apart of the movement. Donell Jones is back with his new video “Forever”  and he is looking just as good as he did when he dropped “Where i wanna be” in the early 90’s.

The video for “Forever” is your signature Donell Jones Love song. Its filled with the sounds of his smooth captivating voice.


donell jones forever


One of my favorite things about the video is the all white. I think it makes the video look clean, fresh and perfect for summer. This will truly be a love song that men will play for their girl friends and that women will want to hear at their weddings.

Its funny how most artist from Donell’s era try to make a comeback by make music that doesn’t fit who they are but fits a new generation. But i love the fact that Donell kept true to himself and who he is with his music.

Donell we are very pleased and happy with the comeback track! Keep it up sir

Check out the new video below and make sure you guys stay tuned to our one on one with Donell Jones.

This goes out to all the women
That hold they man down
Especially my woman, my 22.
Baby since the day we met
I, feel so complete
Wrapped your love round me babe
I don’t have to pull for nothin’
As long as I can be with you
I wanna be with you
Baby you’re my inspiration (Angel with Wings)
You put your life on hold to be with me
I can’t live a day without ya
And you been so good to me I wanna prove,
Prove it to you
They say a man ain’t supposed to cry
But I’m cryin’ out to you
‘Cause I see me with you for the rest of our lives
Oh Girl there’s nothing I’d rather do
Than to be here forever baby
Everyday I wanna be your tomorrow
I’m gon’ be here forever baby, ooh yeah
Lead you to a life of love
If you follow me to forever baby
And there’s no more time left to… More
Source: LyricFind


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