Diamond Alternatives for an Engagement Ring

There are several diamond alternative stones that make great selections for engagement rings. Aside from a diamond being the traditional standard, their implied wealth and aesthetic appeal, diamonds are the strongest stone and can withstand day-to-day wear that other stones can’t. There’s nothing wrong with opting for any one of the alternative stones. I encourage inquiring minds to make their engagement ring selections based on what they feel is truly suitable and stylish. There are a wide variety of tasteful options for engagement rings that don’t include the diamond as the prominent stone. While I have my personal preferences, I won’t bore you with the details of my personal biases. Diamonds are the strongest and among the most beautiful stones that definitely make a statement, wealth being the primary idea associated with this stone. However, that shouldn’t be the defining factor of your engagement ring selection.

There’s a wide array of brilliant stones that make tasteful engagement ring selections.

Engagement Ring



Pearls are uniquely beautiful within their own right and no doubt make opulent selections for engagement rings. The con with pearls is that they’re among the softest stones and can damage easily.

Blake Lively Engagement ring sapphire
Blake Lively Engagement ring is a pink sapphire


The sapphire always struck me as a stone from a different age. There’s something about this deep rich blue stone that screams “old money” to me. The sapphire is really in a class by itself, and in my opinion can be rivaled by only an emerald or ruby. Its worth mentioning that sapphires are less expensive than diamonds that have a similar size and carat weight. While the deep blue color is what the stone in known for, sapphires come in a variety of colors from white (colorless), pink, orange, yellow and black.


A fiery stone, the ruby is vibrant, sensuous, and rich. The ruby has an understated sense of elegance that will never get out of style. Rubies are vivid and strong stones, they’re not has hard as diamonds, but are more durable than emeralds.

Leigh Anne Pinnock Little Mix Engagemnt Ring
Leigh Anne Pinnock Little Mix engagement Ring

Leigh Anne Pinnock Little Mix Engagemnt Ring


Yet another understated semi-precious stone that comes in more colors than nearly any other stone on the market. Because of this, tourmaline can often be mistaken for other stones, like the emerald or ruby. Little Mix pop-star Leigh Anne Pinnock’s tourmaline engagement Ring cost a whopping £40,000, roughly $52,000 in US dollars.


Victoria Beckham Emerald Ring


I won’t say that I saved the best for last, but I most certainly did reserve this spot for my favorite stone. Simply put, the emerald is sophisticated, elegant, and ageless. This green stone is in a style class all by itself and makes an excellent engagement ring.


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