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Clothes Don’t Make the Groom

As fashion history would have it, what the groom is wearing traditionally gets put on the backburner, with the bride and the preparation for the ceremony traditionally taking position over all else. Whether this is by design or by happenstance, menswear and wedding fashion standards have changed over the decades allowing for more expressive styles for grooms. Ladies, don’t leave your groom out of the ceremony. The groom’s style matter’s too.

There are a dozen style options for any groom that’s looking to wear something beyond the typical black tuxedo.


Grooms can also play with prints and textures. As time has pressed forward, fashion standards for grooms have expanded offering room for culture, personality and personal style. While there’s nothing wrong with the classic or traditional styles offered to grooms, style is all about pushing boundaries. A wedding is a deeply personal ceremony and should be treated as such. The theme and decor of a wedding depend on the style of the bride and groom; however, it should be noted that whatever decision you go with, the clothes don’t make the groom.

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