Bridalwear Trends Summer/Pre-Fall 2020

We’ve seen a variety of elements incorporated into the bridalwear style spectrum this season. While evolving social standards and cultural shifts no doubt play a role in our subsequent options, it can easily be said that what we’ve seen for the summer and pre-fall seasons is an indication of the future of fashion. The far-reaching influence of feminine menswear has been implemented into collections this season as we saw from fashion brand Pronovias. Pronovias took a different rout by utilizing stylishly relaxed silhouettes and billowing drapery that was a fashionable combination of feminine and masculine aesthetics.  Tiered Gowns and floral patterns were also noted among the bigger trends this season. Monique Lhuillier created a noteworthy collection that will likely set the standard for next season.

If the fabulous trends of now are suggestions of what’s to come, then the future of bridalwear is something we all can be excited about.

Tiered Gowns

Plushily tiered gowns have a stylishly playful look about them that’s well suited for brides with an even amount of self-awareness and stylish humor. The wearer suffers no loss of sex appeal, as semi-nude bodices are intricately decorated with stunning attention to detail.

Tiered Viktor & Rolf Bridal Collection 2021

Tiered Viktor & Rolf Bridal–Collection 2021

Tiered Gown Oscar de la Renta Fall 2020

Tiered Gown Oscar de la Renta–Fall 2020

Coat Coverage

Much like brides in slacks, oversized coats being implemented into bridalwear this season is another incorporation of feminine menswear into the world of wedding gowns. While I won’t yet reveal the style forecast, I will say that this trend leaves room for a broader and much more free-flowing style of gown that has me excited about bridalwear for the oncoming seasons.

Coats Ashi Studio Collection

Ashi Studio Collection—Fall/Winter 2019

Coats Galia Lahav Bridal Fall 2020

Galia Lahav Bridal–Fall 2020

Cutting the Standard

Simply put, some brides would opt for shorter dresses. While these stylish frocks lack none of the appeal of their longer counterparts, shorter bridal dresses perhaps leave room for more movement and in many cases a tad more sex-appeal.

Cutting the Standard 2 Pronovias Spring 2020

Pronovias–Spring/Summer 2020


Cutting the Standard Inbal Dror fall 2020

Inbal Dror–Fall 2020

Cutting the Standard Short Lela Rose Bridal fall 2020

Lela Rose Bridal–Fall 2020

The Ole’ Razzle Dazzle

A bit of sparkle goes and long way, and a touch of style can go even further. This season, I’ve seen glamour incorporated in bridalwear in a way that I hadn’t previously. Short, beaded and stoned dresses are explosively stylish and carry a celebratory element of fun that all weddings should embody regardless of style. Always making good use of classic silhouettes and intricate detailing, designer Matthew Christopher consistently produces immaculate and timeless gowns.

The Ole’ Razzle Dazzle Matthew Christopher Van Der Velde Dietrich

Matthew Christopher Couture, Van Der Velde–Dietrich Gown–Everlasting Collection

The Ole Razzle Dazzle Pronovias Spring 2020

Pronovias–Spring/Summer 2020

The Ole Razzle Dazzle 2 Glam Pronovias Spring 2020

Pronovias–Spring/Summer 2020

Sheer Elegance

Semi-nude and stoned sheer gowns have been getting an increasingly high amount of coverage for the past few seasons. From the red carpets of celebridom to the more intimate bridal setting, sheer gowns will likely become a partial standard for evening and bridal gowns alike.

Francesca Miranda Bridal Fall 2020

Francesca Miranda fall 2020

Sheer Inbal Dror fall 2020

Inbal Dror Fall 2020

Sheer Georges Hobeika Bridal Bridal Spring Summer 2020

Georges Hobeika Bridal Bridal–Spring/Summer 2020

Feminine Fancies

The impact of feminine menswear has been nothing short of far-reaching since its inception in the 1970’s. Industry observers felt this influence once again while viewing Justin Alexander’s signature fall 2020 collection. While Justin Alexander created a stunningly memorable and versatile collection, it was fashion brand Pronovias that dominated the form this season.

Feminine Fancies Justin Alexander Signature fall 2020

Justin Alexander Signature-Fall 2020

Feminine Fancies Pronovias Spring 2020 Look 1

Pronovias–Spring/Summer 2020 Look 1

Feminine Fancies Pants Pronovias Spring 2020 Look 2

Pronovias–Spring/Summer 2020 Look 2

Oceans of Ruffles

Lack of stylish imagination would be my only reply to anyone skeptical about ruffles this season. Monique Lhuillier and Oscar de la Renta took acutely similar stances on the topic this season. Full, semi-sheer and billowing textiles created sophisticated ultra-feminine looks of luxury that held true to each brands standard this season.

Oceans of Ruffles Monique Lhuillier Bridal Secret Garden Fall 2020 Collection

Monique Lhuillier Bridal Secret Garden Fall 2020 Collection

Oceans of Ruffles Gown Oscar de la Renta Fall 2020

Ruffled Gown Oscar de la Renta Fall 2020


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