Ball gowns by definition are floor-length dresses traditionally with a full skirt and fitted bodice. Ball gowns are typically the most formal types of gowns. Personally, I think that ball gowns are the least selected type of bridal gown.  At face value, I can understand why  ball gowns might not get the spotlight that other types of bridal gowns receive from brides. They’re so closely associated with the bulky, antiquated gowns of year’s past. Note that contemporary ball gowns are more stylized and far more elegant.

Ball gowns are luxurious, whimsical, eye-catching and dramatic.

Brides appear to want to show their curves and prefer hip-hugging bust accentuating gowns that show off that Coke-bottle figure. Be aware that whatever you personal style dictates, don’t sleep on ball gowns. Ball gowns are some of the most dramatic and stylish dresses. However, being a fashion editor, its my job to tell you what’s hot. And let me tell you, ball gowns are in. Before you brush the idea off, take a moment, think about it.

I’ve always thought of ball gowns being suiting for the bride with a big and bright personality and fun sense of style. Take a look at the selection of bridal ball gowns below. Coming in a variety of styles, bridal ball gowns really take the cake when it comes to making a statement. Its not just the size of the gown that’s important, it’s the details that speak volumes.

The detail in the train, the beading of the corset and neck-line all make a difference when selecting what ballgown to go for. Below I’ve made a selection of the best and most fabulous bridal ball gowns. Ever if a ballgown isn’t your style, after seeing this list you should have a different understanding of ball gowns and the kind of styles that they come in. Bridal designer Justin Alexander created some of the most impressive ball gowns this season. The ball gowns from his collection featured clean lines and sweeping trains that exemplified class, sophistication and style.



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