A Stunning Noir Et Blanc Style Shoot

Climbing to new heights no matter the limitations is true beauty! 🕊 ⁠with the ultimate pairing of black and white for our lovely Noir Et Blanc Style Shoot!

Kontrol Brides Noir Et Blanc Bridal Style Editorial

The point of the little black dress is to turn heads darling! So we came up with a lovely concept that uncovered the perfect balance between sophistication and refinement.

Kontrol Brides Magazine’s Noir Et Blanc Glitterati Style Shoot took place last weekend in LA. I’ve always said that Kontrol magazine was best suited for that special class of people that aren’t afraid to mix things up a little bit and go against the grain of formality. Black isn’t just for funerals, and white is not reserved only for the wedding ceremony. After all, we encourage all of our readers to step outside of what’s trending or what’s popular at the time in order to find that unique element of personal style. This is particularly important to us at Kontrol Brides magazine. Considering the staggering number of fashion and lifestyle brands that regularly report on fashion and beauty, its important to be aware of the brand that prioritizes style before trend.

Kontrol Brides Noir Et Blanc Bridal Style Editorial

Kontrol Brides Noir Et Blanc Bridal Style Editorial

Above all things, the Kontrol brand is about uniqueness demonstrated through style. The Noir Et Blanc style shoot is one of the many examples of uniqueness through style.

Kontrol Brides Noir Et Blanc Bridal Style Editorial

Kontrol Brides Noir Et Blanc Bridal Style Editorial

This is one of the many things that sets Kontrol magazine apart and make it the trend-setting brand that it is. Of all the fall/winter trends this season, this particular shoot was a stylishly refreshing take on style in a season dominated by dramatic color and figure-hugging silhouettes. Feathered gowns are not a new addition to the world of bridal fashion, but they are extremely chic and like timeless. Lacy textiles elegantly draped create a breathtaking display of minimalist elegance. Its like the old saying, less it more. And in this case, less is much much more. I can’t think of a better way for Kontrol to conclude the summer and to open the pre-fall and winter seasons than monochromatic styles. Black adds a previously unseen level of taste to this season’s bridal gown selections. Its not grim or even somber as some may stereotype it, but immaculate and more refined than I can say. The black wedding dress strikes my style curiosity, making me wonder what this color would look like used as a main theme of a wedding party. 

Kontrol Brides Noir Et Blanc Bridal Style Editorial

Noir Et Blanc Glitterati Style Shoot Credits:

Glitterati Bridal Team

Photography By: Mark Mendez 

Wardrobe Stylist: Yvonne Amanda

Creative Direction: Yvonne Amanda

Hair Stylist: Crystal Givens

Makeup Artist: Natasha Marcelina

Dresses Provided By:

Chic Little Devil Style House

Dresses Designed By:

Winnie Couture

Rita Vinieris

Wona bridal

Jewelry Provided By:

Chic Little Devil Style House

Rita Vinieris


Accessories Provided By:

Ariel taub


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