4 tips for saving for your 2020 wedding

4 tips for saving for your 2020 wedding

wedding planning Planning your 2020 wedding is both exciting and stressful. With so much to look forward to and to plan, its easy to get carried away with the planning and organisation of your big day and before you know it, you’re brought back down to earth by your financial concerns and budget.

If you have parents or relatives that can assist you financially, or your parents have a nest egg set aside for you such as an investment then this will be a huge help. Companies like Golden Eagle Coins  are the perfect place to discover more about investments and investment pieces, if you’re hoping to invest in your future then check them out.

But are there any other ways you can give your finances a boost? Or ways you can avoid spending too much of your budget on one particular aspect? Well, read on for our 4 top tips for saving for your 2020 wedding.

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Reconsider your date

Any weddings that take place between May-October are going to be expensive. This is peak wedding season and you’ll be paying a premium for the potential good weather and the popularity of the dates. Opt for a wedding out of peak wedding season and see what an incredible difference the price can be! It’s also a good idea to book a weekday wedding, rather than a weekend one, as again these are much more expensive. Its true that some guests might struggle to attend a weekday wedding, but with plenty of notice they should be fine. As long as your nearest and dearest can attend, that’s the most important thing.

Call in those favours

If your sister makes fantastic cakes, then see if she can create your dream wedding cake! You’ll save a bundle! If you have a friend with a posh car – that would be ideal for transport during the day – then ask if they could be the chauffeur for a few hours. See if they’d like to do this as a gift to you and your partner for your big day, but make sure they don’t feel too pressured.

Shop second hand

There’s nothing wrong with looking at a second hand wedding dress. Most are only worn for as little as 12 hours and then never touched again. This is the best way to save on your dress, especially if you’re on a budget, or if you’ve seen a stunning gown that’s a little out of your price range, you can try and find one that is similar for less than half the price!

Try a little DIY

Those who have planned and paid for weddings will tell you that it’s the little things that soon add up. So, why not try making some yourself? Bunting, table decorations, wedding favours, the invitations, the cake, even the button holes…find out what materials you might need, check out a tutorial on YouTube and give it a go! You’ll be amazed at how much you save, and rope in your bridesmaids to help!


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